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Homeowner Insurance

from Crestwood Insurance Agency

Homeowner Insurance

For many of our customers, homeownership is a dream come true. Whether you rent your apartment, have purchased a condominium or are buying a house, you need to make sure your home is covered in the event of a natural disaster, theft or other unexpected calamity. The experienced local agents at Crestwood Insurance Agency have been writing homeowners insurance policies for years, and we know how to make sure your home and your belongings have sufficient coverage.

A Policy for You

Homeowners policies can be customized to meet individual needs. Our agents take the time to understand each client’s situation before writing a policy. We then offer regular reviews of your policy to make sure it continues to provide the best value for you. Options to consider when choosing your homeowners insurance include

  • Individual options such as whether or not to include earthquake insurance
  • Deductible rates, which determine the amount of any covered loss you are responsible for paying
  • Coverage limits, which determine the maximum payout on a claim

As an insurance company that serves individuals from every social group and many different income levels, we recognize the importance of providing an array of options. Your customized homeowners policy may include some or all of the following coverage:

  • Dwelling protection to pay for the repair or rebuilding of your home if it is damage or destroyed in a covered event
  • Personal liability protection to cover you in the event that you are held responsible for injuries or damages to another person or their property
  • Medical coverage to pay medical bills should a guest be injured on your property
  • Additional living expenses in case a covered event renders your home unsafe for habitation
  • Coverage of your belongings in case they are destroyed or damaged in a covered disaster
  • Scheduled personal property coverage that protects special or expensive belongings such as antiques, fine arts, jewelry or furs.
  • Umbrella coverage to extend your coverage beyond normal limits

At Crestwood Insurance Agency, we are interested in protecting you, your home and your belongings from disasters. Call today to get your homeowners insurance quote or to request a review of your current policy. Let our professionals help you make sure your assets are covered at the most affordable prices possible.